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Product Design, Safety, Liability

Packer/ITC’s experts have extensive product development experience and have worked in the industry as leaders of product development organizations.  ITC also offers some of the premier materials scientists, mechanical engineers, and other experts in materials, devices, products, and systems.  Their work covers virtually all metals, ceramics, composites, and virtually all plastics and polymers.

Packer/ITC’s experts provide an excellent blend of highly experience practitioners and leading academics who are heavily involved in analysis of the performance and failures of materials, testing and qualification of materials for new applications, applying materials to solve problems and improve performance, corrosion measurement and prevention, development and testing of coatings for protection and wear resistance, development of low-cost and lightweight ballistic armor, and problem solving for industry and government.  ITC’s experts have conducted tens of millions of dollars of R&D in materials and are conducting on-going projects to improve small arms, vehicles, equipment, and ballistic armor for the military.  ITC also conducts hundreds of investigations of accidents and product failures.  ITC’s testing capabilities are second to none and include an extensive on-site laboratory and on-going access to highly specialized equipment at leading universities and national laboratories, government labs, and commercial facilities.

Our multi-pronged design approach results in a thorough understanding of a product.  We examine accident data as well as evaluate and benchmark peer and competitor products.  Thorough risk assessments and analyses are undertaken, evaluating design intent, design considerations and tradeoffs, usage, warnings and safety messages, guarding, maintenance procedures, and compliance with government regulations and industry standards to assess overall design.  Where appropriate, tools such as failure mode and effects analyses (FMEA) are utilized to evaluate the design or gain insight into how a failure occurred.

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 Human Factors, User-Product Interaction, Instructions and Warnings
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