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Intellectual Property

intellectual-patentPacker Engineering Group/ITC Experts provides the expertise and experience to assist clients with intellectual property dispute resolution.  Packer/ITC’s multidisciplinary team of highly credentialed engineers and scientists possess the unique ability to combine rigorous technical analyses with superior communication skills to fully explain complicated technical issues in an easily understood manner.

Packer/ITC utilizes the full breath of multidisciplinary engineering, scientific, and laboratory resources to perform scientific testing and analyze technical drawings, schematics and processes.  Our engineers and scientists use the viewpoint of “One of Ordinary Skill in the Art” to assist with claim construction and evaluate prior art.  We then use this analysis as a guide to develop opinions related to infringement and validity.  Packer/ITC’s rigorous approach to intellectual property claims result in defensible opinions and a thorough understanding of complicated technical issues.

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David Curry, Ph.D.
(630) 701-7703
Prior Art Research, User-Product Interaction and Interface Design, Design for Human Use.
Mary Pappas
(630) 757-5369
Project Coordinator , Packer Engineering Group/ITC Experts