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Packer Engineering Group/ITC Experts provides insurers, attorneys, manufacturers and end users with engineering consulting services related to accident reconstruction, failure analysis, and engineering design reviews involving all types of vehicles. Clients will receive expert analysis and sound technical solutions to their vehicle related issues from our experienced staff.

Packer/ITC Engineers have a broad range of capabilities and experience involving a wide range of vehicle types. This includes both on-highway and off-highway vehicles. On-highway vehicles include automobiles, trucks, buses and motorcycles while off-highway vehicles include forklifts, boom lifts, construction equipment, recreational vehicles, railroad and aircraft ground-service equipment.

Our experienced staff provides a thorough analysis with clear answers to all manner of transportation and vehicle related projects including accident investigation and reconstruction, accident scene documentation, design analysis and performance evaluation as well as mechanical testing and analytical analysis. Rapid response accident scene documentation utilizing laser scanning and total station surveying is available within 24 hours and photogrammetric analysis of prior scene documentation is also available.

Testing and analysis of vehicle systems and components including brakes, wheels, tires, steering systems and controls can be done to provide clients with answers to issues involving performance or our-of-service status. EDR examination and interpretation can be done as part of a total collision reconstruction. Analysis of driver inputs and other human performance issues are also available.

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