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Accident Investigation & Failure Analysis

Packer/ITC Experts uses accident scene laser scanning and 3D modeling to document accident scenes, provide data for accident reconstructions, and to assist laypeople with understanding the “how” and the “why” of an accident.

accident-investigation-01Laser scanning an accident site provides a detailed 3D image. With approximately one million individual measurements gathered every second, the laser scanner is unparalleled in its ability to capture detailed geometric information. Scanning a scene is fast. A single 360° scan takes only a minute or two. This means an entire scene can be permanently and exhaustively documented in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. The results are accurate. Each measurement has the same or greater accuracy as a traditional surveyor’s theodolite—approximately 2 millimeters. The results are easy to decipher. Color images are simultaneously taken and mapped onto the measured points. The result is a photo-realistic and dimensionally accurate 3D representation of the object or area of interest. The results can be used a variety of ways. The scan data can be exported to a variety of programs for CAD drawings, surveying, dimensional analysis, modeling, visualization, BIM, or animations. Transportations Systems Accident Investigation and Reconstruction: Site and vehicle documentation and evidence preservation, vehicle deformation and impact velocity determination, visibility and line-of-sight analysis.

  • Building Systems (BIM): Document existing structure and facilities; collapses, damage, design defects; as-built drawings and design verification; bridges, mines, piers, and tunnels; piping and HVAC.
  • Fire and Explosions: Commercial, residential, and industrial sites; chemical spills, environmental catastrophes.
  • Aviation: Aircraft, airports, and ground vehicles; scene and wreckage documentation. An example of an aircraft laser scan is shown in the video of a crop duster in the upper right of this page.

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Below are videos of our accident investigation and analysis process using laser scanning and 3D modeling. Select a video preview below to download and view the related video.






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