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Making the Complex Clear

Your problems can often be complex and you just can’t gauge the type of expertise you will ultimately need. When you don’t know what you don’t know you want a company that can handle a project, no matter how complex and multi –dimensional it turns out to be. Our experts analyze vast amounts of information from multiple disciplines utilizing a variety of approaches to achieve successful results. Our firm is large enough to provide the range of highly credentialed experts and small enough to provide the response and attention to detail you are looking for. We have a top flight team of engineers; they write clear and persuasive reports; they realize client goals and have a highly successful record second to none; their repeat business is a testament to their reliability and ethical approach.

About ITC Experts Inc.

ITC Experts’ has joined forces with Packer Engineering Group in order to provide a wider range of services to our clients.  Headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, Packer/ITC offers consulting in many engineering disciplines, the sciences and technical services.  By utilizing our full time staff, adjunct experts and preferred vendors, we are able to provide a collaborative approach that make sense out of the complex issues facing our clients.


Packer/ITC Experts has only one goal – to provide our clients with an unbiased outcome that cuts through the uncertainty and complexity to bring clarity and authority to the outcomes we achieve. Packer/ITC does this by providing highly experienced and credentialed experts and supporting them with easy access to industrial practitioners and leaders, retired professionals, professors at leading universities, and specialized facilities so that we can apply modern collaborative project approaches to more effectively address the complex issues our clients face. Read more…